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Learn Why Working For Us is a Smart Choice

Work for a Critical Mission

Our work impacts the lives of all Americans, and yours can too. Use your skills to strengthen our cyber defense. Defend, Respond, Enforce, and Protect.

Challenge Yourself

There are many opportunities to gain responsibility and use advanced tools.

Access Innovative Training and Development Programs

We are a leader in providing opportunities for career growth, challenging experiences, and doing unique work you can’t do anywhere else.

What's in your Benefits Package

The Federal government offers the total package: Federal pay, health benefits,  and retirement savings plans. In addition to salary, your hiring agency may offer monetary performance awards. For more, see General Schedule (GS) pay system.

Additional Benefits that Are or May Be Available

Find a Work-life Balance

The Government offers a variety of work-life programs for our employees that include flexible work schedules and telecommuting. These create a flexible supportive environment to engage employees and maximize organizational performance.

  • Alternative Work Schedules – Agencies that have adopted this workforce flexibility permit employees to work a schedule, such as a compressed or flexible work schedule, that allows managers to meet their program goals while allowing employees to be more flexible in scheduling their personal activities.
  • Annual Leave and Sick Leave  – The Federal Government offers a variety of paid and non-paid time off through our leave programs. You may also qualify for a higher leave accrual rate because of your non-Federal work experience or uniformed service.
  • Telework – Employees may be eligible to telework, which is another flexible workplace arrangement that allows an employee to perform work at an approved alternative worksite.

Get an Education

Some agencies offer excellent advanced education and training assistance opportunities. You may complete a degree, including a graduate or executive degree program, at your local college or university, and at some online institutions, while working for the Federal Government.  Federal agencies may be able to help you repay your Federal student loans under the Student Loan Repayment program. 

Some agencies also help some employees pay for school through hundreds of scholarship opportunities through the Scholarship for Service program. The scholarships are funded through grants awarded by the National Science Foundation.

We also help our employees pay for school through hundreds of scholarship opportunities through the Scholarship for Service program.

Opportunities Everywhere

You can work for us in any of the 50 states or in one of the 180 countries where the US has a State Department embassy or consulate. In fact, 84 percent of all Federal jobs are located outside Washington, DC. 

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