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Managerial & Executive Development

Develop a pipeline for the managerial and executive ranks

Hiring Managers play a part in making sure we have talented cybersecurity staff in the federal government. While not all your employees aspire to management, some do. And, some with high potential may need your encouragement.

Along with employee training, we have several rotational and developmental programs available for building the executive pipeline. Even once in the Senior Executive Service (SES), there is an emphasis on continued development through rotations.

Check out some of the rotational programs we have available.

Data Corner on Federal Workforce

Interested in data? Want to slice and dice the data to better understand your agency’s workforce or the Federal workforce? Here’s your chance.

Check out the following data sources:


You may access and analyze statistical information about the Federal civilian workforce through the online tool FedScope.  This self-service tool provides access to 5 years’ worth of employment, accession, and separation data.

Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS)

You are probably familiar with this annual survey, especially since it has been around since 2002! 

It gives Federal employees across government the opportunity to tell their supervisors and managers what works well and what needs improvement when it comes to their agency, their specific job, and their work environment.  As a manager or supervisor, this is valuable information as you seek to understand your employees’ perspectives and work to positively affect their work experiences.

“” Dashboard and Tools

This interactive tool was created specifically to help you effectively use your FEVS data to enhance engagement.  It also has case studies, videos, training, research, and best practices to help you create a more engaged workforce.

Engaging the Federal Workforce:  How To Do It & Prove It

This report summarizes OPM’s review of recent employee engagement research regarding definitions, models, measurement practices, and interventions. It presents a definition of employee engagement as it specifically relates to the Federal workforce and a model of engagement that provides a practical approach to measuring and improving employee engagement. The report also highlights recent best practices used to drive sustainable employee engagement.

The “New Inclusion Quotient” (New IQ)

Did you know workplace inclusion is a contributing factor to employee engagement and organizational performance?  This makes fostering an inclusive work environment worth your effort. 

The New IQ is a tool to help support inclusion.  It is an index score that is calculated from a subset of 20 questions from the FEVS.   This metric is separated into several factors comprising the 5 Habits of Inclusion:  Fair, Open, Cooperative, Supportive, and Empowering.

For more information, please see: 

Diversity and Inclusion Dashboard – Federal Workforce At-A-Glance

Take a look at the diversity of your agency, or the government as a whole, through the Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Dashboard, developed by OPM Office of Diversity and Inclusion. The D&I Dashboard is a government specific tool created to provide agencies with demographic data about hiring, group attrition, employee inclusion perceptions, and overall accountability in regard to D&I efforts.

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